My message to MatsuJun


Haven’t been blogging for the last one year coz I’ve really been busy. There are many drafts in my blog, waiting to be completed for posting. Best if I start with something short and sweet first.

In celebration of his upcoming 100th post on his JWeb, Enjoy by Jun, MatsuJun opened up a message board today? to allow fans to ask him any question.

So here’s what I wrote in my half-baked Japanese: Read more »

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Delayed post – weekend trip to BKK

My trip summed up in a collage

All summed in a collage – click to enlarge

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Voting for AraFest

Arashi JE page launched a poll for the music selection of Arashi’s coming concert 2012/2013 at Kokuritsu. Although it is unlikely I can attend, I decided to put in my vote anyway.

Main theme of my song selection: ニッポン、頑張れ!
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Short weekend getaway to Bintan 13 – 15 July

Took a short trip last weekend just to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It was really a great way to rejuvenate but like for all holidays, I didn’t want it to end.

Summary in pics under the cut…

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もう一度君に、プロポーズ Last Episode’s most touching moments…

『もう一度君に、プロポーズ』directly translated as “I’ll propose to you one more time”, is about a regular married couple whose lives take a turn after the wife loses memory of her husband and the 5 years with him after a brain op, when she suffered from a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Starring Takenouchi Yutaka as Haru and Wakui Emi as Kanako, the drama shows how Haru comes to realise that life without his wife is meaningless, and he makes a vow to propose to her one more time.


I have been chasing after this show dutifully for the last 9 weeks, and this week’s final episode took me some time to find on the Net. One with Jap/Chi subtitles is nowhere to be found, so I took the plunge and watched the raw with no subs. Luckily, I still managed to understand roughly 80% of the show, especially the most important moment of all, which I have captured below…

Updated 30Jun2012: Finally found one that had Jap/Chi subs and realised a lot of my translations are incorrect…
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Visit to Harry Potter Exhibition (late post)

The Harry Potter Exhibition opened in Singapore on 2nd June at the Art and Science Museum at the start of the June holidays. Hubba and I couldn’t wait to go view the exhibits to feed the Harry Potter fan in me (he’s not that big a fan), but we waited a week to let the crowds die down before making the trip. Here’s a recap of the visit in pictures…

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KAT-TUN is To The Limit

Seems like KAT-TUN is trying to break grounds with different genres of music. I think of all the Johnny’s groups I listen to, they are one group that never fails to surprise, daring to try new things each time. “Safe” is so not in their vocabulary. Check out their newest Single, To The Limit.

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Arashi – Your Eyes lyrics (kanji + romaji)

“Your Eyes” may not be a fast pace song, but the interesting melody and the harmonies between the members makes this song resonate significantly in my mind. My favourite harmony? The bridge when Aiba-chan and MatsuJun sing with minimal accompaniment the following verse: 忘れない瞳で交わした言葉 そう痛みの届いているから (simplest translation I can come up with: unforgettable unspoken words via exchange of eye contact, from which communicates pain/grief).

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Arashi new single – Your Eyes

Just a random search and I found links to:

嵐 - Your Eyes (通常盤+初回限定盤)

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Another recap post…

It’s been more than a month since my last post… gosh, I’ve been overwhelmed with work such that there’s no time for everything else. Plus I just came back from overseas trip, so there’s more back log accumulated. And I think my time spent with Hubba is also lesser… need to overcome all this, clear up my back log and improve on my work-life balance somehow.
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