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Tumble Dailies:

This blog was started some time back primarily as a outlet to rant. Back then I was working in the service industry and it sucked having to endure all sorts of nonsense: from long-winded people who would take up all your time asking a series of never-ending questions to frustrated and upset human beings who would use you as a whipping post and vent their anger on you. Naturally, it is upsetting and unhealthy to have to keep all this encounters inside without an outlet. Hence the birth of this blog.

With time, Tumble Dailies has evolved. Other than just rants, I have started to blog about everything I encounter in the course of my life, almost like an online diary. Other than speaking my thoughts online on matters that I have encountered, I also have added my opinions of mundane things such as entertainment, beauty and most of all, food. Through the course of its evolution, I have finally decided that it is time to move Tumble Dailies from previous free blog hosts to its very own home on cyberspace.

So thank you for coming by my blog. If you do take the time to read the random things that I post, please take them with a pinch of salt, for all opinions are mine and mine alone and they are not posted to slander or cause hurt to anyone. And do feel free to leave your comments if you have any; I’d be more than glad to read your opinions on my posts.


I have always been a clumsy clod from young, tripping over my own feet for goodness knows what reason and even walking into my own mirror image, twice! Unfortunately, I have never outgrown this undesirable trait of mine and during my university days, I somehow earned the title of Miss Tumble Tot after clocking the most number of falls/trips/splats in a single faculty game. Since then, this nickname has stayed with me, and so I have decided to embrace it and name my blog after it.

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