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『僕らにしか分からなくても』Even if we were the only ones who understood

Posted by on June 6, 2014

Saw this very insightful article from Sakurai Sho of Arashi on the Hawaii concert that made me wanna translate it.

僕らにしか分からなくても – 櫻井翔さんの一言

僕らにしか分からなくても – 櫻井翔

15 years ago, one day before the press conference in Hawaii, we were just unknowns, like every other human being. The moment we got on the boat for the press conference, we became “Arashi”, as though we were reborn. It was not just where it all began, it was a turning point where our lives changed.

Thus, although we were slightly shy about being “Arashi” at that point in time, to us it has now become a name that we are well acquainted with, one of utmost importance, such that this is the starting point that we wish to return to to hold our concert. To us honestly, there is nothing more magnificent than this.

We made it clear that that to do a live at that place was our eventual motive. I guess “to return to Hawaii” is a significance that probably only we 5 know and understand.

Up to now, to those of our fans who have managed to follow us everywhere, we are truly grateful. Be it Seoul, Taiwan or Shanghai, even within Japan they go without hesitation; there may be others who worry that even if they wish to go they might not able to. However if there is such a fear, nothing may be possible.

We may have said this some time ago, even within Japan there are lots of places which we have not been to. Be it Japan, or overseas, as long as there are fans who call out to us, those are places that we wish to go to. This time is not an exception. It just that for this time, it has to be Hawaii.

Additionally on a personal note, rather than plans for our 15th year anniversary, the wish to plan ahead towards our 20th year anniversary is a source of encouragement. The decision to have the setting in Hawaii was made because we want to be able to look back later in the future and see that this time’s live is a good first step to take to approach to the next stage.

– Sakurai Sho

Picture credit: unknown @ twitter.

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