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A new pet? Plant? PetPet plant?

Posted by on May 4, 2014

Just started a new hobby. Literally new. Something that Hubba and I can do together. Grow and cultivate together.

We chanced on this when shopping at a bookstore to get my Frixion pen refills. There was this entire section dedicated to plants and it was all in Japanese. Haa… So I had to translate. And that was when we got intrigued… Coz it all seemed too convenient.

20140504-232151.jpgShippon Plant, image courtesy of Seishin staff blog

What is Shippon? Basically it’s a plant that grow on the back of a cute animal pet. And from the back a nice piece of string flows down like part of the animal’s tail where it is placed in the cup it comes with. Connected to the string on the back of the animal is a type of absorbent that helps to suck up the water from the cup to feed your seedlings water. So in other words it’s pretty self-supportive. All you need to do is make sure that the cup has enough water.

Here’s a vid on how to set up your Shippon

After just 2-3 days Hubba’s basil started to sprout!

20140504-233158.jpgHubba’s basil

Encouraged I went to check out the site on the various products available (the bookstore didn’t have them all) and found one called PetPet. I like the Japanese play of words in this name coz “pet” is also an abbreviation for PET bottle in Japanese. It is a slightly upgraded version that draws water from a bottle instead of a cup. Lovely! So we don’t risk breeding mozzies. So I got mine just now after my mock exam and set it up the moment I got home.

20140504-233609.jpgMy PetPet at Day 0

Fingers crossed for this as it seems to be a slightly different set up from Hubba’s Shippon. The string tail doesn’t seem to be as absorbent and the soil is more pebbly. I’ve had to wet the soil twice now so I hope it doesn’t dry out.

Here’s more about my PetPet if you’re interested.

If you wanna know more, you can find out about these products from Seishin, the company responsible for these cuties, through this site and their staff blog. Unfortunately it’s all in Japanese but I think pictures tell a thousand words. The newest one available is called Chuppon whose setup is similar to Shippon but uses a plastic straw (at the animal’s mouth) and doesn’t provide a cup – you need to provide your own.

20140504-235302.jpgThe new Chuppon

I shall be blogging about my plant’s growth for a while so watch this space.

3 Responses to A new pet? Plant? PetPet plant?

  1. nutfairy

    It’s so cute! Now I want one too! Where did you buy it from?

    • Althea

      @nutfairy you can get from NBC bookstore at Bugis Junction or toy section at Isetan Scotts. I saw someone blog that they got from Central.

  2. Serene

    You can get it also from sevenlife store. Holds its bazaar every Saturday on sentosa broad walk.

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