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Jap class

乙女ゲーム – 王子様のプロポーズ

Ever since I decided to accelerate my Japanese lessons, I have been playing otome games to challenge myself and improve on my vocab. It was initially tough as I was not familiar with the grammatical phrases and it took twice the time I usually take to read. I even had to resort to playing twice, … Continue reading »

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Recap for November 2011

Hmm… haven’t been blogging for a month, even though I’ve been active on Twitter. 本当にすみませんでした!

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Enrolled… for JLPT (updated)

Kya… I took the plunge and enrolled for December’s JLPT N5!! Just made the payment for the exam fees yesterday at school… so now I really have to work hard. でもちょっと怖い! My biggest problem: conjunctions. E.g.: [place] に vs [place]で. I’m still super confused when to use which conjunction, and almost always end up using … Continue reading »

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Recap for July…

Other than posting about walking the KTM tracks, I haven’t posted much about what has happened. Gomenne… no time is the only reason I have; been so busy with work and some personal stuff that I come back every day totally pooped and spend the weekends recharging myself with sleep. So I thought I’d just … Continue reading »

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Time flies!! 今まで一年ぐらいに日本語を勉強しています…

I can’t believe it… time really flies. At the end of this term I’d have finished studying basic Japanese and proceed on to intermediate level. Will even be given a school certificate of attendance for completion of basic Japanese, although what counts is whether I pass my JLPT exam, which I’ll be taking at the … Continue reading »

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Problems with Verb-ます to Verb-て conversions

Someone just kill me already. I’m already having difficulty remembering all the 単語 tango (vocabulary) that has been taught in the last two terms, nouns, verbs and adjectives and the correct particles to be used in a sentence. Then last week, 先生 sensei dropped the bomb by saying that there would be a test on … Continue reading »

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Updates on Japanese lessons

Hmm… Have not updated on my progress in learning the Japanese language for some time. ごめんね! Can’t believe it, but I”m actually gonna complete Basic I soon, and progress onto Basic II.

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Basic Japanese term 2 begins…

Time flies! I’ve already finished the first term of Basic Japanese. Gosh… it seems like only yesterday when I started my first class, but yet I have a lot more to learn, as what I’ve learnt probably cannot even allow me to have a decent conversation in Japanese, at least not yet. Maybe I can … Continue reading »

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Kanji challenge

Been trying to self-study some kanji by writing down J-pop lyrics with corresponding romanji. I think it’s challenging, coz the kanji characters seem to have different pronunciation when used differently. Unlike Chinese, where the characters at most have two different pronunciations (I don’t remember having more than two that is) depending on context, with usually … Continue reading »

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