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乙女ゲーム – 王子様のプロポーズ

Ever since I decided to accelerate my Japanese lessons, I have been playing otome games to challenge myself and improve on my vocab. It was initially tough as I was not familiar with the grammatical phrases and it took twice the time I usually take to read. I even had to resort to playing twice, … Continue reading »

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My early birthday prezzie from Hubba – the new iPad!

Hurray! I’ve finally join the iPad group of users. Here’s my new toy!, Playing with my multi-lens app – cover and the new iPad!

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Cats at home 家の猫

Had a bit of camera fun between Hubba and I at the in-law’s today with my new DSLR and took some pics of the cats.

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Exploring Tampines Eco Green Park

Enthusiastic about my new toy, Hubba gave me an opportunity to play with it today, when we headed out in the evening to explore the newly opened Tampines Eco Green Park. Captured a lot of photos in the 1km long walk. Some of the better ones are below the cut.

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New alarm clock/iphone dock/radio

Was browsing around Challenger while waiting for my parents when I saw some new iPhone docks available. I have always been looking around at iPhone docks with dual alarm clock function coz I use my iPhone as an alarm in the morning, on top of my alarm clock as I have problems waking up in … Continue reading »

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Tumble Dailies goes mobile

In efforts to make my blog more convenient for users who surf with their mobiles, I’m enabling a mobile version for quicker loading and ease of use.

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X’Mas = Xbox

Hubba made good of his promise when we walked past the Challenger store today and purchased the Xbox Kinect Bundle Pack for me for my X’mas prezzie, together with two extra games, the Dance Central and the Kinect Sports.

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Girlie purchase – VS Multi Styler

I’ve been procrastinating on purchasing one of these hair-styling thingys. Reason is because I bought one from Braun previously but once the battery had died, I was reluctant to pay to get the special Braun battery just to continue using the product. So the other day I was browsing around at Watson’s when I spied … Continue reading »

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How to change sms tone for iPhone?

Found this funny ringtone done by Massu (Masuda Takahisa) that was a promotional stint for NEWS when they released their single, 太陽のナミダ (Taiyou no Namida), when I was surfing around on YouTube. (Yeah, I’m pretty outdated, since this was done in 2008?) It made me smile however, coz it’s the kind of ringtone that I … Continue reading »

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A lesson on Shiatsu Acupuncture

As part of employee wellness, we had a breakfast talk this morning at work, together with some cake and foodies to celebrate National Day. Our guest speakers for today came in to educate us on the art of Shiatsu acupuncture, something out of the ordinary and certainly caught the interest of many.

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