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乙女ゲーム – 王子様のプロポーズ

Ever since I decided to accelerate my Japanese lessons, I have been playing otome games to challenge myself and improve on my vocab. It was initially tough as I was not familiar with the grammatical phrases and it took twice the time I usually take to read. I even had to resort to playing twice, … Continue reading »

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Voting for AraFest

Arashi JE page launched a poll for the music selection of Arashi’s coming concert 2012/2013 at Kokuritsu. Although it is unlikely I can attend, I decided to put in my vote anyway. Main theme of my song selection: ニッポン、頑張れ!

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My LASIK Experience

It was a long and much awaited procedure. After wearing contact lenses for 16 years, I couldn’t wait to move away the dry-eye foreign body experience that I had to go through every night, after wearing the lenses for more than 14 hours each day.

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Splurged on a Clarisonic

Have been lemming to get a Clarisonic for the longest time, probably since August 2009 when I first saw it on TiffanyD’s YouTube channel. So today I finally took the plunge and splurged on one.

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Birthday shopping followed by dinner @ Melt

April’s always one of my favourite months coz it’s my birthday month, and also FIL’s birthday month. So as usual, we combined our birthday celebrations as one dinner and celebrate in our favourite way – going out to makan!

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English is evolving

A couple of days back, I found out through several tweets and blogsites that the Oxford English Dictionary had officially included popular internet abbreviations/initials such as LOL and OMG. Found it pretty amusing so I surfed around to find out what else had been added.

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Evolution & arsenic

Arsenic has always been deemed to be “poisonous”, and testing is required for most food/drugs to show that the presence of arsenic is within acceptable limits. However, an organism has been found to thrive on it! New form of life… on Earth [Source:] WASHINGTON – BACTERIA that thrive on arsenic have been scooped from … Continue reading »

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Finally some remorse: Teen regrets his tweet

Finally… he really had to be put through some harsh experience to wake up huh? But it doesn’t really seem like he has really learnt from this episode, coz he still dares complain about people having “nothing better to do but to post his tweet on Stomp”. Wake up boy, you have to learn to … Continue reading »

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Aren’t mobile phones prohibited in the exam hall?

I thought mobile phones were prohibited in the exam hall? This goes to show that clearly there is lapse in checks at the exam centres. Either that or students are really getting more daring. I wonder what will happen next; sms-ing each other answers to examination questions in the exam hall during the exam? Student … Continue reading »

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More on the HFMD kit

Fast results with S’pore-developed HFMD kit [Taken from] SINGAPORE – It currently takes about six hours to diagnose a patient with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) and a further six hours for its more virulent strain, Enterovirus 71 (EV71). But the world’s first HFMD kit, developed by Singapore Polytechnic lecturer Dr Tan Eng … Continue reading »

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