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A new pet? Plant? PetPet plant?

Just started a new hobby. Literally new. Something that Hubba and I can do together. Grow and cultivate together.

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Delayed post – weekend trip to BKK

My trip summed up in a collage

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Visit to Harry Potter Exhibition (late post)

The Harry Potter Exhibition opened in Singapore on 2nd June at the Art and Science Museum at the start of the June holidays. Hubba and I couldn’t wait to go view the exhibits to feed the Harry Potter fan in me (he’s not that big a fan), but we waited a week to let the … Continue reading »

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Extended birthday celebrations

This year my birthday falls on a Friday, and before a public holiday, so I’ve had the luxury of enjoying extended partying, even though I worked on my birthday itself.

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Korean beauty product haul

Hubba just came back from a biz trip to Korea and being the typical girl, I asked him to purchase some beauty products while he was there. So what did he get for me?

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Hubba’s birthday surprise 7 Oct 2011

Originally, I had no plans in particular for Hubba. It was just meant to be a simple sit down dinner for the two of us, since we already had a joint “celebration” with our families last Sunday, celebrating both his brother’s and his birthdays. I had toyed with the idea of a small surprise but … Continue reading »

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Tried out a new place last night with Hubba, on his request. A Japanese fusion place hidden in Rochester Park called B@Rochester.

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Walking the KTM tracks

Have not been updating for quite a bit, sorry for that. Super busy with work and Japanese lessons, so blogging has taken step back and been replaced by infrequent tweets these past two months. Hopefully things should improve, mainly at work, now that I’m desperately trying to clear my increased workload, and I’ll be able … Continue reading »

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Totally garlic-licious… 美味しい大蒜

After having too much meat yesterday, Hubba wanted to go all vegetarian to clear his system. As he whiled his afternoon attending some talk in town, he found time to google for a new food adventure. This time, our destination was Mad For Garlic. Count Dracula… you have been forewarned!

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ボルシチ Borsch – The Shashlik Experience

Had something special to celebrate today (work-related achievement) and decided to pick Hubba up after work for a nice dinner. Hubba suggested to try out this Russian restaurant hidden in one of the older shopping centres, in town and off we went to seek out Shashlik Restaurant. Hidden on the 6th floor of Far East … Continue reading »

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