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Origami creations

Lately the entire family has been into origami all thanks to my aunt’s latest interest. As I’ve always loved origami myself when I was younger, I took up my aunt’s challenge and managed to make these floral creations: Miniature daffodils in a flower pot on the left, tulip in a vase on the right. Meanwhile … Continue reading »

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Trip to JB

Recently took a biz trip up to our neighbouring country. Spent most of the time working so not much to elaborate. However, on the first day, we had our dinner at quite a popular seafood place from which we could look back at our home country and I actually managed to get a beautiful photo … Continue reading »

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My message to MatsuJun

Haven’t been blogging for the last one year coz I’ve really been busy. There are many drafts in my blog, waiting to be completed for posting. Best if I start with something short and sweet first. In celebration of his upcoming 100th post on his JWeb, Enjoy by Jun, MatsuJun opened up a message board … Continue reading »

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もう一度君に、プロポーズ Last Episode’s most touching moments…

『もう一度君に、プロポーズ』directly translated as “I’ll propose to you one more time”, is about a regular married couple whose lives take a turn after the wife loses memory of her husband and the 5 years with him after a brain op, when she suffered from a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Starring Takenouchi Yutaka as Haru and Wakui Emi as … Continue reading »

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Visit to Harry Potter Exhibition (late post)

The Harry Potter Exhibition opened in Singapore on 2nd June at the Art and Science Museum at the start of the June holidays. Hubba and I couldn’t wait to go view the exhibits to feed the Harry Potter fan in me (he’s not that big a fan), but we waited a week to let the … Continue reading »

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Arashi – Your Eyes lyrics (kanji + romaji)

“Your Eyes” may not be a fast pace song, but the interesting melody and the harmonies between the members makes this song resonate significantly in my mind. My favourite harmony? The bridge when Aiba-chan and MatsuJun sing with minimal accompaniment the following verse: 忘れない瞳で交わした言葉 そう痛みの届いているから (simplest translation I can come up with: unforgettable unspoken words via … Continue reading »

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Another recap post…

It’s been more than a month since my last post… gosh, I’ve been overwhelmed with work such that there’s no time for everything else. Plus I just came back from overseas trip, so there’s more back log accumulated. And I think my time spent with Hubba is also lesser… need to overcome all this, clear … Continue reading »

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Korean beauty product haul

Hubba just came back from a biz trip to Korea and being the typical girl, I asked him to purchase some beauty products while he was there. So what did he get for me?

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Temptations galore: Boy Chanel

Ahh… Why must Chanel always tempt me by coming out with a new collection just around my birthday month? If only they offer birthday discounts as well…

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