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Butterfly Twists ballerinas

Went lunch with colleagues today and we ended up changing it to a shopping spree!

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Another recap post…

It’s been more than a month since my last post… gosh, I’ve been overwhelmed with work such that there’s no time for everything else. Plus I just came back from overseas trip, so there’s more back log accumulated. And I think my time spent with Hubba is also lesser… need to overcome all this, clear … Continue reading »

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Korean beauty product haul

Hubba just came back from a biz trip to Korea and being the typical girl, I asked him to purchase some beauty products while he was there. So what did he get for me?

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Temptations galore: Boy Chanel

Ahh… Why must Chanel always tempt me by coming out with a new collection just around my birthday month? If only they offer birthday discounts as well…

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Makeup purchases: Kate + MAC

Have not done some makeup post for some time, mainly coz I stayed off eye makeup after my LASIK. Now that it’s been 2 months past and my eyes are in somewhat less itchy/sensitive condition, I’ve started using eye makeup again in the last three days. However, being a little careful not to cause any … Continue reading »

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NEWS “Hoshi wo Mezashite” 8th Anniversary Project

I made my purchase two days ago via CDJapan, as most fans would have done. All in the name of celebrating NEWS’ 8th Anniversary, which is today. (Incidentally, it is also Arashi’s 12th Anniversary…)

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Splurged on a Clarisonic

Have been lemming to get a Clarisonic for the longest time, probably since August 2009 when I first saw it on TiffanyD’s YouTube channel. So today I finally took the plunge and splurged on one.

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“Ashita no Joe” highlights 『あしたのジョ』のハイライト

Last year end, every Yamapi fan would definitely have been anticipating this show as much as I was.

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Recap for July…

Other than posting about walking the KTM tracks, I haven’t posted much about what has happened. Gomenne… no time is the only reason I have; been so busy with work and some personal stuff that I come back every day totally pooped and spend the weekends recharging myself with sleep. So I thought I’d just … Continue reading »

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Sunday with Mummy 今日はあたしの母の日

Been so busy with work and classes these few weeks that haven’t had a chance to spend some quality time with Mummy. Just so happened that she wanted to go to the hairdresser’s just when I was deliberating whether to do so, so we decided to do our hair together in the end.

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