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Red Carpet Event & Session after Gala Premiere of 「映画 謎解きはディナーのあとで」

I went! I actually went! I gave in to the fangirl inside me and went off to meet @zahirah_riida for the red carpet event at Marina Bay Sands! And that was without having tickets to the premiere event.

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Watched “Contagion” last Saturday with Hubba and really found the movie quite interesting. Of course I think there are people who disagree but I think that’s because it is likely that they compared it to “Outbreak”, which to me felt more dramatic. “Contagion” on the other hand seems to take more of a scientific approach … Continue reading »

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“Ashita no Joe” highlights 『あしたのジョ』のハイライト

Last year end, every Yamapi fan would definitely have been anticipating this show as much as I was.

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Boku Dake no Madonna / Koizora the Movie

Finally managed to finish another two shows, 『僕だけのマドンナ』Boku Dake no Madonna (with 滝沢秀明 Takizawa Hideake and 長谷川京子 Hasegawa Kyoko) and 『恋空』 Koizora the Movie version (with 三浦春馬 Miura Haruma and 新垣結衣 Aragaki Yui). Yeah… an achievement considering I’ve been having a handful in the last few weeks, both at work and at Japanese class.

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Review: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is truly a guys’ show. Pretty gals in sexy outfits, violent/adrenaline pumping battle scenes, a perfect recipe of a guy’s ideal movie. Spoiler alert!

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Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Unoriginal & predictable. Those are the only 2 words that I have for the show. Granted I do like the idea that you determine your own fate, and that the show has my favourite actors, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, but that’s where it ends. (Spoiler under cut)

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Japanese actor with best abs

A poll was done in Japan on which actor has the best abs and it was no surprise who came out tops!

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Interesting Indian movie: [yframe url=’’] [yframe url=’’] Thanks to @Minghao for sharing. Just wondering whether the movie will come to Sg theatres or will the dvd be available…

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Knight and Day (DVD)

Spent last night watching Knight and Day on DVD (hence the offline mode), and basically giggled and laughed half the time when watching the show. Don’t get me wrong; the show is really terrific and the stunts spectacular, but truly the comic parts of the show are really to die for. I just think the … Continue reading »

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Best sword-fighting show ever: Azumi

I’ve always been a fan of action movies. Not the typical girl that would scream and get all freaked out. Rather I find it very exhilirating when my adrenal glands start secreting the fight/flight chemical in my system when I get all excited watching action movies. And I have watched a fair number, especially since … Continue reading »

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