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アラフェス 2013 のリクエスト


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KAT-TUN is To The Limit

Seems like KAT-TUN is trying to break grounds with different genres of music. I think of all the Johnny’s groups I listen to, they are one group that never fails to surprise, daring to try new things each time. “Safe” is so not in their vocabulary. Check out their newest Single, To The Limit.

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Arashi – Your Eyes lyrics (kanji + romaji)

“Your Eyes” may not be a fast pace song, but the interesting melody and the harmonies between the members makes this song resonate significantly in my mind. My favourite harmony? The bridge when Aiba-chan and MatsuJun sing with minimal accompaniment the following verse: 忘れない瞳で交わした言葉 そう痛みの届いているから (simplest translation I can come up with: unforgettable unspoken words via … Continue reading »

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Arashi new single – Your Eyes

Just a random search and I found links to:

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Yamapi and Arashi singles – Sugoi desu ne!

Yamapi’s single was released on 29th February, so I was not surprised to find it available online. However I was surprised that I could find Arashi’s single somewhere on the web, especially since the release date is not till 7th March. As expected of any Arashi work, I think many fans can’t wait for the … Continue reading »

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KAT-TUN’s Chain

The music from this album of KAT-TUN’s is really good! Got it before the launch date, but decided to hold sharing it till after the release date. Enjoy!!

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Lyrics from Arashi’s new single

Haven’t had the time to do a blog post on my Japan holiday last December (still in the works), been very busy with work lately. However, found the lyrics for 2 songs from Arashi’s new single, “Wild at Heart” that I just couldn’t wait to share. Douzo!

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KAT-TUN – Birth (PV+Single)

Today is literally KAT-TUN day! カッツンの日。Why do I say that?… Updated: picture heavy post

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KAT-TUN - Star Rider

Thanks to @aramatheydidnt, managed to watch the full video of the much anticipated song from KATTUN’s new single, Star Rider, which is used in KATTUN’s new CM for Solio. Check out the screenshots here… Picture heavy post.

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テゴマス – 雪だるま Tegomasu – Yuki daruma

2nd set lyrics from Tegomasu no Mahou: 雪だるま Yuki daruma

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