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『僕らにしか分からなくても』Even if we were the only ones who understood

Saw this very insightful article from Sakurai Sho of Arashi on the Hawaii concert that made me wanna translate it.

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My LASIK Experience

It was a long and much awaited procedure. After wearing contact lenses for 16 years, I couldn’t wait to move away the dry-eye foreign body experience that I had to go through every night, after wearing the lenses for more than 14 hours each day.

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Johnny-san on Guinness World Records

There was a big buzz when it was announced that Johnny-san, the Johnny Kitagawa, founder of Johnny & Associates, Johnny’s Entertainment, etc. made it to the Guinness Book of/World Records for producing the most number of concerts by an individual.

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高木星来 (ピタロ) が可愛い!

Started watching 「全開ガール」”Zenkai Girl” now that I have finished 「華和家の四姉妹」”Hanawake no Yon Shimai” and am really enjoying it. Maybe coz it has more of a romantic comedy plot compared to “Hanawake” and also partly coz the kids are cute. Seriously cute.

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カッコイイマッス Cool Massu

Just downloaded and watched Massu’s interview on “Hirunandesu” promoting Tegomass DVD release of their 2nd concert, thanks to various fans and couldn’t help doing screen captures of this cool Massu who seems overshadowed by other members in NEWS, in my opinion. Picture heavy post…

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Marching J starts today: 1 April 2011

Johnny’s idols gathered today to collect donations for the March 11 disaster. A few people have blogged about it, notably my favourite source is MomoEdgewood, and some have put up the news reports on stream sites to share. Thought I’d share some screen captures here since there may be a possibility that the streams maybe … Continue reading »

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Japanese are a stoic people

Despite all that has happened, things still seem to be as per normal, and the people in the entertainment industry are working hard as usual, inspiring and encouraging their fellow Japanese. Music Japan was aired as yesterday, and I’m touched to see how all the artists sent kind words of encouragement even though not all … Continue reading »

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Contributing to Japan Disaster Relief

Read about it on Twitter and the newspapers and decided to do my part to help in whatever small way possible. So I sent in my sms to the Singapore Red Cross to add my small contribution to support the relief efforts in aiding Japan in her time of need. If you are in Singapore … Continue reading »

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A lot of photos have been trending on Instagram and it’s sister web version Webstagram, that I thought I’d share them. It’s times like these when you see no matter how divided we are, together we stand…

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Finally some remorse: Teen regrets his tweet

Finally… he really had to be put through some harsh experience to wake up huh? But it doesn’t really seem like he has really learnt from this episode, coz he still dares complain about people having “nothing better to do but to post his tweet on Stomp”. Wake up boy, you have to learn to … Continue reading »

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