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Author Archives: Althea

『僕らにしか分からなくても』Even if we were the only ones who understood

Saw this very insightful article from Sakurai Sho of Arashi on the Hawaii concert that made me wanna translate it.

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Butterfly Twists ballerinas

Went lunch with colleagues today and we ended up changing it to a shopping spree!

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A new pet? Plant? PetPet plant?

Just started a new hobby. Literally new. Something that Hubba and I can do together. Grow and cultivate together.

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Origami creations

Lately the entire family has been into origami all thanks to my aunt’s latest interest. As I’ve always loved origami myself when I was younger, I took up my aunt’s challenge and managed to make these floral creations: Miniature daffodils in a flower pot on the left, tulip in a vase on the right. Meanwhile … Continue reading »

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Trip to JB

Recently took a biz trip up to our neighbouring country. Spent most of the time working so not much to elaborate. However, on the first day, we had our dinner at quite a popular seafood place from which we could look back at our home country and I actually managed to get a beautiful photo … Continue reading »

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乙女ゲーム – 王子様のプロポーズ

Ever since I decided to accelerate my Japanese lessons, I have been playing otome games to challenge myself and improve on my vocab. It was initially tough as I was not familiar with the grammatical phrases and it took twice the time I usually take to read. I even had to resort to playing twice, … Continue reading »

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Tears – from LOVE

I think this is probably my favourite song from the LOVE album currently… the music really resonates with me and I just love the lyrics! I think yarukizero@LJ hasn’t posted the lyrics for this song yet, so here it is:

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Red Carpet Event & Session after Gala Premiere of 「映画 謎解きはディナーのあとで」

I went! I actually went! I gave in to the fangirl inside me and went off to meet @zahirah_riida for the red carpet event at Marina Bay Sands! And that was without having tickets to the premiere event.

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アラフェス 2013 のリクエスト


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